Audio Review # 92 | EverySlide Encourages Everyone to Interact With Your Slide Deck


EverySlide is a wonderful service that lets you upload your presentation and easily share it with people in your audience.

Ok, no big deal a lot of companies do that, but this has some extra twists to it.  After uploading the presentation a link is generated that you share with your audience members.  As you click along and present, their screen changes as well.

Ok, no big deal a few companies already do that. But, EverySlide lets you also add polls on the fly and get instant feedback.  On top of that, you can create a heatmap for mobile devices. For example, as students to click on a map.  You then see where they clicked. Very interesting.

At the end you can see all the results to your polls and heatmap in one place for a better analysis.


No significant concerns.  Having a free educator license is a big plus.  Always a little worried about investing time and resources into a site like this with the possibility that it might one day go offline.

Sample Uses

  • Spice up HS lectures with instant polling and heat maps
  • Ensure all your students are on the same screen while they listen and watch
  • Classroom or school elections.  A nice way to have students give their speech with feedback
  • General student presentations where students in the classroom can provide feedback on what they are learning as the student presents.  Often watching a student presentation is very passive and boring.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Yes. I will give it a shot at my next presentation.   Looks like fun.

Commitment and Learning Curve

It has a medium learning and commitment curve.  It forces you to upgrade your presentation and receive feedback from the audience.  Often we are not expected to do that and this service really makes it a requirement. Thus, you have to starting thinking of what questions you would ask your audience and what you would do with that information.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS will be the biggest beneficiaries. I can see using it with older ES students though.


Free for educators

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