Audio Review # 85 | Animoto Actively Animates and Creates Videos from Your Photos


Animoto is one of the early players in the upload your photos, toss in some music and create a nice slideshow like magic crowd.  I have been using it off and on for eight or more years!  Time sure flies.

The core functionality has not really changed, but the ease of access to your photos sure has.  You can easily add Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and more photos to Animoto, pick some music and instant video.  It also tosses a preview to you in seconds instead of minutes.   It is easy to share your final works as well.


Not really any.  As always, keep an eye on what content your students upload and maybe preview it before you let it fly out to the public.  Also you can’t download it to your desktop with the free account.  It is so much easier to stream video today though.

Sample Uses

  • Class birthday video
  • Summary of the week in photos video
  • Class field trip reflection
  • End of season sports banquet photo session


Do I Plan to Use It?

Sure!  The main thing is just doing it.  Deciding that making a quick reflection is worthwhile.  That is the hard part.  The tools make it easy.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Animoto has optimized its site and the upload/create process very nicely.  It has a low learning curve and it does not take an in depth commitment to use it.  Teachers and students can easily dip in and out of it as needed..

Best for ES MS or HS?

I think all three divisions can use it.  As long as a student is skilled up to shoot and offload pictures to a device, then they can likely use Animoto.


Free for the basic version.  Pro version costs money.  But… teachers can apply for a free educator pro account here:


Website Link  You can find their app on iTunes.



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