Audio Review #83 | Clarify your makes instructions impossible to misunderstand.


I learned about the Clarify App about two years ago but didn’t think I needed it.  I was totally wrong.  Clarify allows you to create quick “how to” pages or visually explain your edits or corrections on a layout.  I didn’t originally think I needed the app because you can do everything Clarify does in Pages or Word but Clarify makes it SO much easier.  In the app you can snap multiple screen shots that are automatically imported in order into your Clarify document.  Then you can use the tool bar to annotate the photos and add titles and text to the document.  Once you’ve got everything set up the way you want you can export your document as a PDF, publish it on your Clarify drive or even connect the app to your email and send the document out directly from the Clarify program.  What used to take me an hour took me 30 min and that was with learning to use the program for the first time.   I think that alone tells you how useful this program can be.


None for now.

Sample Uses

I used this to give instructions to our teachers on how to build their pages in Indesign for the yearbook, and could be used anytime you want to send out “How To” instructions.  I plan on using it with my students for any tech related routine that I train them in.  That way I can have instruction cards for those students who seem to always forget.  :)  You could also use this if you have any layout projects with students and want to show them specific corrections that need a visual to explain.

Do I plan to use it?

Already do!

Commitment and Learning Curve


Best for ES MS or HS?  

This is mostly a teacher tool.  But I could see students using it if you have a student tech team.



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