Interview 47 | Sam Woodard of MathChat and The Future of Mobile Apps


Today I talk with Sam Woodard the CEO and CoFounder of MathChat.

Recently my interest in mobile apps and how students access them as been on the rise.  As Sam points out, smartphone penetration in the USA is at 90% and it does not appear to be on the decline anytime soon.

I took some time to talk with Sam about his app specifically, but more generally about the future of mobile learning in the edtech space.  He is very optimistic about its future.  Although we don’t discuss it in the interview,  we later talked about the power of data analytics that can come from using the mobile apps.  For example, imagine if your students were using MathChat at home and you were able to see a report that showed where your students were struggling on any given assignment.  Or even which students.  This is information you might not know otherwise.

Sam’s Bio

Sam is a former high school math teacher with teaching experience from Seattle and Sierra Leone. He is passionate about applying his background as an engineer to develop technology to help students learn.

About MathChat

MathChat is a mobile collaboration tool that enables students to help each other with math homework. Students can use their smartphone or tablet to instantly get help on any math problem by taking a picture of the problem and then messaging and writing in real time.

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