Tech Talk Roundtable 84 | Dumpsters and Marshmallows

ChrisJamie and Michael discuss their personal learnings and articles of the week.

Articles of the Week


  1. Ever since I took the plunge into the IB world I generally leave textbooks behind, preferring to create unit- or course readers that better focus on the content and skills of the courses that I teach. Though time consuming, the exercise is well worth it for me, because I am best able to determine what my students need. Dolores Gende brilliantly assists all of us wishing to create our own readers by concisely outlining several different approaches to replacing textbooks, and provides several sites and tools that will empower us to fly!
  2. he “marshmallow test” invented by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel and colleagues in the 1960s is famously known as a measure of willpower. The experiment gave preschoolers the option of either eating one mini-marshmallow right away or waiting 15 minutes to get two mini-marshmallows. Decades later, those who were better at delaying gratification, and resisted immediately snarfing the treat, ended up with stronger SAT scores, higher educational achievement and greater self-esteem and capacity to cope with stress in adulthood.

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