Audio Review # 69 | FutureMe Gives You Permission To Talk To Yourself a Year Later


FutureMe  is a simple site that lets you do one basic thing: write a letter to yourself in the future. You can also choose to make your letter private, public or public and anonymous.  I like the last option, but reccomend private for students.

They do have an iPhone app, but the website is enough.

The site is not particularly beautiful or elegant, but it does get the job done.


I worry that students will be tempted to use it inappropriately and send silly stuff, or worse, stuff and then show it to their friends. I think communicating expectations should take care of this though.

Sample Uses

For many years I have had my students write a letter to themselves at the beginning of the year and then given it back to them at the end.  A year seems SO far off for many students, so they really enjoy reading their thoughts form 10 months earlier.  FutureMe lets you push that date out as far as you want, so imagine asking students to write letters to themselves  six months, one year, and five years in advance.  What a great way for them to reflect and think about their future.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Absolutely!  I will have my media literacy students write one tomorrow asking them to reflect on what skills they expect to have with film at the end of their class versus the skills they have today.

Commitment and Learning Curve

One of the easiest sites you could possibly use.  Just verify your email and start writing.

Best for ES MS or HS?

We ALL love to talk about ourselves, so this site is good for any student that has reasonable typing skills.



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