Audio Review #68 | Grammalrly makes sure that you don’t let your participles dangle!

Grammarly Website & Chrome Extension


Grammarly is an online spelling and grammar checker, and also a Chrome extension that helps

users catch issues before their writing “go public.” Students can use Grammarly to check for verb-

subject agreement, overuse of the passive voice, and other common errors, particularly those

associated with ELL situations.


As a free (you get what you pay for) service that attempts to evaluate a thing as subjective and

flexible as written English, Grammarly has limitations. I would not rely upon Grammarly beyond the

“second pair of eyes” admonition that I remember receiving from my high school English teacher.

Sample Uses

Students should use a “second pair of eyes” whenever they can, so Grammarly is a useful tool for

scanning homework writing and essay assignments.

Do I plan to use it?

I do suggest to students that they both check their own work and run their writing through some

grammar site, such as Grammarly or HemmingwayApp. In the end, I find it potentially better than


Commitment and Learning Curve

Low/Medium. Low to cut and paste, but medium to upload, use extension

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS kids will appreciate this tool

Cost Free (limited functionality) Plans: $29.95, $19.98, or $11.66/month

Website Link:



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