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SchoolYourself is a maths website and analytical tool that allows teachers to more easily flip their lessons, and allows students to proceed at their own pace. Teachers can access various MS and HS maths subjects and subtopics, drilling down to specific lessons. Each lesson includes a series of videos, and each video requires student input. This structure serves two purposes. First, it keeps students engaged in every step of the process. Second, the analytics tool tracks the number of times a student attempts a step in the process. In this way, teachers can immediately identify the specific step in which a student struggles. Potentially, this is a goldmine of actionable data.


None at this time.

Sample Uses

SchoolYourself is perfectly suited for use in middle- and high school environments. It is also geared toward online and home school situations.

Do I plan to use it?

While I am not a maths teacher, I certainly will introduce my MS daughter to SchoolYourself.

Commitment and Learning Curve

As low as any online maths course can be. For students, te site is straightforward. For teachers there is the necessity of setting up classes and monitoring progress, but even these functions are highly automated and, dare I say, easy?

Best for ES MS or HS?

SchoolYourself is best for MS & HS.


The site can be accessed and used for free. Several robust course options exist on edX, which include access to course materials, tests, and forums. The classroom feature and analytics tool requires a “teacher” to sign up. The account is free.

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