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I generally try to avoid writing a review on a product that I haven’t used yet, but our school just purchased these and I’m so excited I decided to share.  Little bits are a new product that is helping to bring STEM into classrooms.  What they are are parts of circuits that snap together to allow you to create complex electronics.  They include things like speakers, lights, dimmer switches, motors, sensors, etc. With the little bits kits you can create all kinds of tools.  Some of the examples on their website are doorbell testers, clapper machines, and cat food dispensers.  Little bits are designed to allow you to be as creative as you want and to hack your environment to create the electronics you want.  There is even an app for your phone so that you can use it as a remote for your new tools.


These are a bit expensive and unless you have a good place to put them into your curriculum you may not be able to get the budget approved.

Sample Uses

We are hoping to use these in our fourth grade electronics unit and then extend their use with an after school program and a maker space.

Do I plan to use it?

Yup!  They are in the mail and I can’t wait to try them out.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium.  You will need to sit down and spend some time building and creating with these in order to grasp some of the options and know what is possible.

Best for ES MS or HS?  

Any level because it all depends on the complexity of the tool you are trying to build.


A base kit costs $99 but if you want to use it in your classroom you will want to get at least the workshop set for $1,175.

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