Audio Review #62 | Math Chat Brings Your Friends To You When your Need Math Help


Math Chat is a nifty iOS app that allows students to collaborate on math problems.  Conceptually it is fairly simple: create a platform where students (or anybody really) can easily share, discuss and chat about math problems.

Students take a picture or draw out a math problem then send it to a friend who has the same app.  They can chat via the app (thus saving it for later), draw a response and more.

Math Chat is another wonderful gift from the EdTech startup incubator Imagine K12


I don’t have a lot of concerns here. I would hope that teachers don’t see this as a way to cheat as students have been helping each other with homework for years.  In fact, they should help each other.

Sample Uses

  • The obvious use is students sharing and helping each other out with math problems.  I would like to see them do this in the classroom too as part of an effort to teach others and thus learn yourself.
  • Parents can use the app to help students if they are away; say mom or dad is traveling and is the house math expert.
  • If you have a tutor or are looking to start a remote tutoring business, this app offers great support.

Do I Plan to Use It?

I will introduce it to our math teachers.  We are a laptop school, so students may not use it as much as if we were a mobile device school.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low.  It is easy to use and setup.  Dedicated apps like this are usually clean, with few options to distract you.
Best for ES MS or HS?

Mostly MS and HS.  Upper level ES might be able to use it, but really students do not become socially aware enough to use these types of apps until about grade seven.



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