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Buck Institute Website


Buck Institute for Education’s website is dedicated to bringing the best Project Based Learning (PBL) resources to teachers. Well organized and attractive, the site is the loving product of many expert hands. The people behind the program are pros, and their efforts have created what is, in my opinion, the single best place to learn all things PBL.


Project Based Learning requires work. There is no way around that fact. That being said, PBL is rewarding in ways that more traditional forms of pedagogy find difficult to achieve. The level of student interest, depth of understanding, and authentic nature of the products make PBL an impressive approach to education.

Sample Uses

I use PBL for the National History Day project.  PBL can be used in any department, being an approach to teaching and learning more than a single program.

Do I plan to use it?

I use project based learning in my history classes.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low-High The website is simple to navigate. The challenge is in turning one’s class into a PBL class. While doing so will never be easy, BIE makes it as easy as possible.

Best for ES MS or HS?

appropriate for all levels

Cost: Free

Website Link:



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