Audio Review # 59 | Kidblog is a Safe and Simple Classroom Blogging Platform for Students


Online portfolios and classroom blogs are a common topic in tech circles.  The big question that comes with them is how do you manage the student blogs and make sure that students are practicing good digital citizenship as well.  Kidblog is a good place to start.  This blogging platform allows you to password protect student blogs, monitor posts, and have a simple way of communicating what is going on in your classroom with parents.  The platform is simple and easy to use with pre-made templates for students and even integrates with Google drive.  Blogging is a great way to make writing and publishing meaningful and authentic for students.  If you’re having trouble imagining exactly what that might look like, kidblog also has examples of student blogs and ideas for how you can integrate blogging into your curriculum.


Before you jump on the blogging bandwagon be sure that you have a plan in mind.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect plan and you can iron out the details later, but you need to know where you want this to connect with your curriculum, how you will manage the posts and how you will make time for students to post.  If you just try to add it in generally and have your students blog you will find yourself either quickly overwhelmed or the blogs forgotten.

Sample Uses

Creative writing, book clubs, digital portfolios, Science notebooks, pen-pals, math problem solving… there are thousands of ideas out there for how you can connect blogging to your curriculum.  Check out some examples on kidblog.

Do I plan to use it?

Right now we are using wordpress in our classrooms.  However I might suggest some teachers check this out next year as it is a much more kid friendly platform.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium, but there is lots of help available online.

Best for ES MS or HS?  

ES and MS


The basics are free but a premium package is $35/year for each teacher.

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