Audio Review # 58 | Skaffl Allows Teachers to Distribute, Grade and Monitor Student Assignments


Skaffl is a workflow system aimed at teachers in the classroom ready for a workflow system.  But… you need a class set of iPads or you won’t want to use this app.

Skaffl lets you upload then distribute assignments for students to complete using the Skaffl on their iPads.  They can complete their work and then submit it back to you.  As a teacher, you can easily see who has turned in their work and who has missing work.  Nice touch if you have a larger classroom such as what we see in many public schools.

Students are welcome to use apps outside of Skaffl, but turn them in via the Skaffl app.

The user interface is outstanding!  Very clean, simple and intuitive. I love the way we see apps truly embracing effective design nowadays.


I don’t like grading on the iPad.  Maybe that is just me, but the thought of staring at that screen and interacting with it by writing comments scares me away. However, I have bifocals, so maybe younger people (like Jamie) would be fine with it.

Sample Uses

  • Classroom teacher looking to increase iPad usage
  • A PE, Art, Language teacher, etc.,  with a set of iPads and in need of fast, easy assignment distribution and collection

Do I Plan to Use It?

No, I would not use it.  But, not because it is not a good app.  I would prefer to use an LMS such as Canvas or Schoology to distribute and collect assignments.  Mostly I just prefer to work on a laptop instead of an iPad.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low learning curve and high commitment.  If you are going to fully use the app, then you need to commit yourself to changing how you interact with students and iPads in the classroom.

Best for ES MS or HS?

I can see this being used in late Elementary School, and all of Middle and High School


There is a free version to get you started, but realistically if you like the product, you should expect to pay the $99.00 yearly fee.

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