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BrainPop “creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.” Tom and Moby, the latter being a mischievous robot who communicates through beeps, give richly visual and common sense explanations for complex concepts in all major elementary and middle school academic fields. If this resource were only about the videos, I would sing its praises. However,  BrainPop’s resources are supported by BrainPOP Educators. Here you can find lesson plans, video tutorials, graphic organizers, and other forms of support to help teachers communicate rich content.


Connectivity is my main concern. You have to have internet, and a better connection than often is found in China, in order to access the resources

Sample Uses

BrainPop is an outstanding resource for flipping classrooms, differentiating instruction, and scaffolding content. My daughter is in middle school, where teachers make good use of BrainPop to reinforce content discussed during the day, or to review for exams. Another excellent use is for adults who never learned some concepts or wish to brush up on them. Just make sure that your child is asleep when you start playing the video. Moby’s iconic “beep” will surely alert them otherwise.

Do I plan to use it?

My daughter uses at least once a week. If I taught middle school I’d be using it too.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low/Medium. BrainPop’s videos are simple to access once you find the URL, and the search engine is fine. When it comes to making full use of the site, including the by BrainPOP Educators resources, then it takes the time that you would expect to search for and evaluate the lesson plans, etc., that are available.

Best for ES MS or HS?

BrainPop works best in late ES and MS settings. Also, it works well with kids who struggle in HS.

Cost Free, with suggestions to donate to the cause.

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