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One of the reviewers for My Script Calculator writes, “I don’t know why a calculator that recognizes handwriting is so much more fun than a calculator with buttons, but it is.”  And it’s true.  My Script Calculator allows you to write math problems on the screen of your ipad or phone and then it automatically turns your handwriting into a math problem and solves it for you just like a calculator.  It makes doing calculations quick and easy and bridges the gap between your basic calculator and your incredibly complicated scientific calculator.


It’s a calculator and so it brings with it all the discussions of when/if calculators should be used in math class.

Sample Uses

I’ve used this when my students are learning to work with square roots or factions.  It allows the to write out the problem in the same way that it looks in their math book rather than having to modify it to fit the calculator’s screen.

Do I plan to use it?

Already do!

Commitment and Learning Curve

LOW!!  So simple you really don’t even have to explain it.

Best for ES MS or HS?  

I think ES and MS.  Once you get to HS and are using calculators you will probably want to teach them to use something a bit more sophisticated.



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