Audio Review # 54 | Periodic Table Offers Explainer Videos for Every Element


The TED-ED platform is a hosting service for teachers looking to develop and share their awesome resources for students in the classroom.  Today I would like to share one of those lessons:  Periodic Videos.   Learning the periodic table is a staple of the chemistry classroom.  There are so many elements to get though and teaching each or many of those elements is quite a commitment.   Periodic Videos removes a lot of the burden by creating a video for each element and lessons to go with it.  Students simply click on the element and a professor gives a short lecture and then there are additional options for learning more content.


The professor is your classic British professor with the big, huge white hair and goofy grin.  He might scare little kids perhaps? 😉

Sample Uses

How about a project where students are responsible for various elements as a way to introduce the elements to the class overall. Students could also use this resource as a reference when they wanted a quick reminder of what a particular element was all about.

Do I plan to use it?

Likely I won’t use it a lot as we don’t teach a lot of chemistry in the middle school.  If I tought high school, that would be a different story.

Learning and Commitment Curve

Really none.  You just go to the site, click on the element and away you go.

Best for ES MS or HS?

Grade eight and up can benefit from this site.  ES could benefit if you want a costume suggestion for the mad professor for Halloween or something.


Totally free.

Website Link:



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