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Now Classcraft is an interesting site!  Usually I would just say head over to Class Dojo for behavior management ideas, but this site is a bit different. It appeals the the nerdy Dungeons and Dragons person of my youth. And, unlike Class Dojo, it is easily adapted for older students.

Basically Classcraft lets you create teams of students, but they are then assigned one of the character traits such as healer, warrior, mage, etc. They then go through class earning and losing hit points based on their efforts with material, tests and projects. You can customize all these aspects of the game at your will.  Students can customize the look and feel of their characters as well.

Students can really get amped up with these types of games and you may create situations where there are some angry words exchanged, or worse. Not a reason to not use the platform; just something to be aware of.

Sample Uses

  • Incentivize students to turn in homework
  • Incentivize a class to do better on tests overall; increase the average
  • Encourage teachers to do professional growth activities at after school PD.  Silly, but teachers love this stuff in short bursts.
  • Proactive class discipline plan

Do I Plan to Use It?

No.  But… I am not a classroom teacher.  Would I use it if I was?  I would!
Commitment and Learning Curve

Big learning and commitment curve.  We are talking about a redesign of big parts of your classroom structure.
Best for ES MS or HS?

MS is the best candidate.  The author uses it in his HS classes though.  Just not sure it would work as well with them.


Free to paid options are available.  Check out the most current pricing here.
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Interesting Follow Up Article:



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