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This is a powerful app for creating books on your tablet.  There are lots of these out there, but this is my current favorite. Students can draw, write, and even add video, photos and audio to their writing and then publish their books.  The books are published in an ePub format and so you can easily share the file.  Then, for those awesome creations you want the world to see, you can also publish these books  on iBooks Store or Google Play Books.  This is a great writing tool that will get your students excited about writing and make it easy for you to share their work with parents and the community.


It takes a little bit of training to get your students going on this app especially in the younger grades.  The part that I found the most interesting is that the students need a little bit of prompting to take their writing seriously in this format.  Their first pieces of writing were way lower quality than their normal writing.  I had to take the time to show them some of the amazing e-books that are out there.  Once they saw that inspiration they were ready to go.

Sample Uses

Anytime you’re going to have the students write, you could have them create a book!  This works well for group projects and as an alternative way of creating a presentation.  The best way I’ve seen it used is when a KG class asked people to send them epub files of their favorite poems and created a collaborative book of poems around the world.  You can find other creative ideas like this one on the blog on the Book Creator website.

Do I plan to use it?

I already do!

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium- lower for the upper grades in terms of student use but it will take a bit of commitment for the teacher to publish the books on blogs or send out the epub files to parents.

Best for ES MS or HS?  



$4.99 USD (There is a discount if you buy 20 subscriptions or more- go to the website for more details.)

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