Audio Review # 51 | Blog Photo Up App makes it quick and easy to post your photos on your blog.


My favorite things about cell phones today vs. a few years ago is the camera.  I’ve honestly stopped using my old point and shoot and always use my phone now and the quality of my pictures is far better.  As a teacher I find that I take more photos than used to as well because I always have my phone in my pocket.  Theoretically this should mean that I post more photos on my classroom blog but the wordpress app on my phone was a pain and so that didn’t happen.  Until I found the app Blog Photo Up. This app allows you to quickly choose any photos from your camera roll and quickly upload them to your image gallery in your blog.  You can then choose to have the embed code emailed to you and immediately create the blog post or log on to your blog create the post from there.    Thanks to this app I’m actually starting to post albums in a reasonable timeframe rather than months late.


The advertizing line is, “Blog photo up works for almost all blogging platforms.”  It works great for wordpress and blogger and several others but depending on what your school uses, it may not work for you.

Sample Uses

Like many apps this has one simple purpose and it accomplishes that well.  It gets your photos from your phone or iPad onto your blog quickly and easily.  If that’s something you need, you will use it all the time.  If not, this app will be useless.

Do I plan to use it?

I already do!

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low.  Once you get your blog setup in the app and you sign it is simple and easy to figure out.  There are directions on their site but you probably won’t need them.

Best for ES MS or HS?  

Anyone with a blog but in the ES it’s more for teachers than the kids.


$0.99 USD

Website Link:

iPad App –

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