Audio Review # 47 | Create Powerful Cartoon like Videos with Powtoons


Toss out PowerPoint and Keynote and use Powtoons for your presentations.  Powtoons offers a wide variety of sounds, graphics, text objects and characters to create fantastic, cartoon like animations you can save, download and/or upload to YouTube.  The interface is really strong and well designed.


It has a long learning curve and you are limited a lot with the free account.  Students will nag you to upgrade, so if you like it, you might as well upgrade in advance.

Sample Uses

My media literacy class can use this to create an identity 3.0 assignment.  Students can distill down central ideas from their history class into one 45 second video that explains it all.

Do I plan to use it?

I am mixed. The learning curve is high and I am not sure it is worth the trade off.  The videos it produces are awesome, so I won’t say no now.  I am still waiting for a specific event, presentation where I will feel compelled to invest the time.

Learning and Commitment Curve

High learning and commitment curve.  You can’t just start and have a great video out the gate.  There are some good tutorials, and again, the interface is really well designed.  Just takes a while to figure it out.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS.   Grade seven and higher I would suggest.  Younger students would likely love to learn it, but it would take a lot of scaffolding to get them there.


Free at first, but you will quickly want to upgrade. For educators the cost is 24 USD per year for a single account.  If you want a teacher account that includes 60 additional student accounts, then the cost is about 100 USD per year.  Fair price.

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