Audio Review #43 | Adsy Makes Mobile App Design Easy as Pie


Adsy lets anybody, even you and your students, create a simple iPhone app to share with the world.  In reality, it is a web app that can be saved to your iOS device home screen and easily accessed.  This avoids the iTunes app store approval process and lets you get going right away. Use it to link to pictures, calendars, files, websites; anything you can find on the web.


Is it really worth the effort?  While easy to create, will anybody really want to use your app and/or download it and make it a permanent part of their mobile device home screen?  That is something you will have to test and market.

Sample Uses

  • App for a sports team or tournament
  • App for homework blog
  • App for a conference event
  • App for a student to point to all the work on their ePortfolio.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Maybe.  Mostly I would like to use it to help teach students the effort that it takes to share things with a wider audience.  I would love to see a tech team create an app for a Lego League event or sports event of some sort.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium.  Adsy has done an awesome job simplifying the process. There is little effort to create a mobile app. The hard part, as always, is the coming up with a reason to develop an app.

Best for ES MS or HS?

MS and HS would be great for this.  Adults too.



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