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FreePlay Music is a site where everyone can access music, both complete pieces and bumpers. Importantly, the site specifically caters to educational institutions, allowing the free use of their music files as long as the application is for student- or teacher-created materials intended to be used in the classroom. The specific language is here:

“2(d)  Free Student Educational Use:

Subject to your full compliance with the terms of this paragraph 2(d), the Terms Of Use and the full execution of a FPM license, FPM grants free master recording and synchronization rights to students, to the FPM Production Music Library, excluding the FPM Indie Artist and Sound Effects Library, when FPM music is used by students within a school or class assignment. The assignment must be part of student curriculum, must only be viewed or heard within the classroom, campus, on a school’s closed circuit television and/or public announcement system and shall be free from any charge or admission fee. Free Student Educational Use excludes the use by any school in extra-curricular activities including, without limitation, the use in clubs and the use of any kind in performance, non-broadcast multimedia, DVD duplication, distribution and/or broadcast on a public or educational access TV, cable or radio channel, web, blog, and podcast. “

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The music library is huge, and the very power of its search engine, being able to search by tempo, style, and even feeling, may be a bit intimidating to young students. That being said, I find the search options to be extremely useful, and well worth the search time.

Sample Uses

Student video projects, classroom background music during group work, or personal listening pleasure all qualify as useful applications of this resource.

Do I plan to use it?

My students use FreePlay Music for the documentary films. They find the broad range of pieces perfect for finding just the right style and feeling of music to match the subject at hand. I use FreePlay for similar projects, and to listen to non-copyrighted Baroque, Classical, and Romantic pieces. I love Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low. The search engine is powerful, which can be off-putting to young students, but worth getting to know.

Best for ES MS or HS?

Every grade level teacher will benefit form this site.


Free for in-class use, or fee-based for applications outside of the classroom and personal use.

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