Audio Review # 38 | Introduce students of all ages to the world of programming with LightBot


You are the little Lightbot robot and are asked to help light up the blue squares.  You tell the robot to move various steps, then turn on the light to change the color of the tile.  After programming it, you hit run and see if it worked.

As it gets more difficult, you end up having to create routines that are stored and pulled into the program as needed to complete the task. Great abstract thinking ideas!

Commands include jump, turn, move, etc. It is basically a set of puzzles that get more and more difficult as time goes on.  Great way to differentiate instruction


It is not free and costs $2.99 USD.  Not too expensive unless you need to get 50 licenses of some sort.  It becomes progressively more difficult quickly at the higher level, so be aware you that you may need to try it yourself so you can assist students later.

Sample Uses

The junior version is perfect for teaching the basics of programming and abstract thinking.  You can easily move on to, or shift away from, using physical programming tools such as Bee Bots.

For older students, grades four and up, this is great introduction to programming that will compliment a more comprehensive programming language such as Scratch and Gamepress.

Super activity for students who finish other work, such as math, early and are looking for additional activities.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Oh for sure. I love that I can introduce programming at a differentiated level for such a wide range of ages.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Mostly low.  Students just pick it up and go for it.  Teachers may need to try it out as well or at least setup experts in the class to assist other students who are struggling at the higher levels.

Best for ES, MS or HS?

ES students will love it, but may not be able to go all the way to the end.  MS students will enjoy it and be able to nail the higher challenges.  Heck, I would use this in a beginning HS programming class just to get things warmed up.


Free to try on their website (computer only) and the app costs $2.99

Website Link:



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