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According to Paddlet’s website this is the, “Easiest way to create and collaborate in the world.” Although there’s no way to prove that, I will admit that using it is a breeze.  Padlet is a great way to allow a group to quickly collaborate using a variety of media.  When you begin you padlet, you are given a blank space where anyone who is working on the project can drag and drop images, comments, video, etc. into the space to be shared.  It’s designed to be flexible to allow for creativity and a wide variety of uses.


This is a very open ended resources.  That can be awesome or overwhelming. Teachers will need to set clear parameters when they decide to use it or else plan on being very flexible with the product.

Sample Uses

Great for class discussions, brainstorming sessions, group projects, collecting research and probably a million other things that I haven’t thought of. This tool could easily be integrated into an upcoming unit. I’ve personally used it at a faculty meeting to collect ideas about an upcoming event.

Do I plan to use it?

Yes!  I haven’t tried it out with my class yet but a fellow teacher has and loved it as a way to get students engaged in a class discussion.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Low to medium.  This is easy to get started on but will take some time to get a clear idea of how you want to set the parameters for use in your class.

Best for ES MS or HS?  

ES, MS and HS.  The product will look very different at each level but that’s the beauty of Padlet.  It’s completely flexible.



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