Audio Review #34 Annotate Virtual Tours with Google Tour Builder


Google Tour Builder allows you to take the power of Google Earth and create an animated tour complete with photos, videos and text that you add along the way. In the end you have tour of places all over the world along with your personalized additional research.  It even allows for street view.

Tours can be shared with the world if you wish, or kept private.  Nice to see the existing samples on there for idea.


Does not work in Google Chrome.  How crazy is that?  It is a Google product.  The nerdy explanation relates to 32 v. 64 bit browser issues.  Google promises to fix it, but for not Safari or Firefox only.  It also requires the Google Earth plugin, so be sure to download that.

Sample Uses

Have it compliment a research paper done by a MS or HS student. Create a tour of your life; perfect for all ages. Discuss the environment by flying to various parts of the world and explaining the changes we see taking place.

Do I Plan to Use It?

Sure!  I have a media literacy class that would be perfect for this type of project.  It just takes media to another level.  What a fun project to start the year.

Commitment and Learning Curve

Medium.  You will need to make sure you have the plugin installed and then go through the process of learning how to make a tour.  Making a tour is very involved and requires a substantial time commitment. Nothing wrong with that!  Just that you should expect this to be a tool you use as part of a project; not something you use on the fly.

Best for ES MS or HS?

Best for all ages as expectations can simply be changed based on the age group.


Free.  Data just collects your data and then targets you with ads. 😉

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