Tech Talk Roundtable 60 | How do you learn?

ChrisJamie and Michael discuss the articles of the week and share their edtech tips.

Articles of the Week


  1. Personalized learning is on the rise for learners in our schools. Redesigned schools include personal learning plans, playlists of content tailored to fit each learner, adaptive curriculum, and access to learning anytime and anywhere. That’s great for students but what about teachers? Where’s the personalized learning, the carefully constructed playlists, the pitch-perfect material that fits their grade level and subject needs and interests?
  2. Take a strategic pause. Think about the title of this article. How did you interpret the abbreviated word…did you even notice or was it automatic? Did you read it as ‘effective’ or ‘efficient’? This simple test just revealed which technique is dominant in your style of leadership. As self-proclaimed innovators, we must delve into our inner propensities for efficiency and effectiveness which ultimately reveals our proclivity for innovation.
  3. Who profits from student data? When teachers have easy-to-understand, visual feedback that is actionable, then kids will benefit. Until then, data collection is simply a profit stream, for sale to the highest bidder, and is not in the students’ interest.



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