Ed Tech Talk Roundtable 57 | As If the NSA Cares What You Say Anyway

ChrisJamie and Michael discuss the articles of the week and share their edtech tips.

Articles of the Week


  1. This is a great discussion starter. What is the “proper” role of tech in a child’s life?
  2. When the NSA surveillance news broke last year it sent shockwaves through CERN, the particle physics laboratory in Switzerland. Andy Yen, a PhD student, took to the Young at CERN Facebook group with a simple message: “I am very concerned about the privacy issue, and I was wondering what I could do about it.”
  3. The endless parade of technologies to improve workforce collaboration has certainly led to the shrinking of time and distance, but has it actually let to a long-term increase in engagement and business performance? What should enterprises do today?

Tech Tips


  1. Is your child too busy using YouTube™ on their device to take advantage of the many educational opportunities devices can offer? Now you can easily control how long your child has access to YouTube.com. You set a code and only that code will open YouTube.com and will allow you to set how long the site will remain open. Once the allotted time has passed the app will automatically shut down YouTube.com Only entering the code again will allow YouTube.com to be re-launched. – Great for classroom management, or home programs – Allows teachers or parents to easily control time spent on YouTube – Easy to use and customize
  2. Hans Rosling will be proud. A fantastic visualizer of global data.
  3. XtraMath xtramath.org
    Help kids master basic math facts.



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