ED Tech Talk Roundtable 54 | Out of The Mouths of Babes

ChrisJamie and Michael discuss the articles of the week and share their edtech tips.

Articles of the Week


  1. HEY, new parents. I’m sure you are swamped with this whole feeding, changing, trying to sleep, trying to sleep-train, child-proofing and searching-for-child-care rigmarole. But have you started planning your child’s online presence?
  2. f such a halcyon place were possible, its closest neighbor would be the social network We Heart It, which is fast growing but little known outside its demographic. Founded in Brazil by Fabio Giolito in 2007, the site and app—part of the new wave of “visual” social networks—essentially allow users to build and share galleries or “canvases” of images they like online by clicking a little heart symbol—this way, you can only tag and “love something,” no down-voting or cruel comments allowed. The site reinforces this positivity by encouraging users to create collections with uplifting themes—most recently under the tag lines “Inspiring Women. Inspiring Change” and “Girl Power.”
  3. To close out my year of productivity, I have assembled a collection of all of the biggest things I’ve learned over the course of my year-long journey to become as productive as possible. Below are my 100 favorite effective time, energy, and attention hacks that will let you get more done on a daily basis, and I also put together an article on the top 10 lessons I learned about productivity over the last year. I know you’ll get a ton out of both articles.

Tech Tips


  1. Their tagline is, “Save money, worry less.” And if it works for you that would be awesome wouldn’t it?
  2. Brilliant, and I do mean brilliant, curation of flipped resources, organized by purpose and activity type.

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