Ed Tech Talk Roundtable 48 | Even Tech Coaches Have Culture

ChrisJamie and Michael discuss the articles of the week and share their edtech tips.

Articles of the Week


  1. A “must read!” 1. Develop a Culture of Trust and Openness 2. Embrace Risk and Promote Innovative Practice 3. Schedule PD That Allows Time to Explore and Share
  2. On Tuesday afternoon the official NYPD account tweeted, “Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook.” And while the first few photos featured smiling tourists with smiling, friendly police officers, it didn’t take long for the majority of the tweets in the hashtag feature images of police brutality. They had a lot of them.
  3. Major exams are the bane of many a student’s life. They represent a one-off chance to scribble months or years of learning onto paper, and can make or break future career prospects. The trouble is that taking an exam at a time rigidly set by the academic calendar has never been an ideal way to determine competence – they may come at the right time for some lucky students, but not for many others. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way. As teaching begins to move online, we no longer need to wait until the end of a course to perform assessments. Instead, computer software can assess understanding during the learning process itself by analysing a student’s every mouse click and keystroke. So could we finally be able to get rid of the dreaded final exam?

Tech Tips


  1. Tech columnist David Pogue shares 10 simple, clever tips for computer, web, smartphone and camera users. And yes, you may know a few of these already — but there’s probably at least one you don’t.
  2. Sweet little webapp that takes the background out of photos that you want to use.
  3. Starting today, you can download new, standalone mobile apps for Docs and Sheets—with Slides coming soon. When you open the new apps, you’ll see your most recently edited files, which means less time searching and scrolling. The apps also come with offline support built in, so you can easily view, edit and create files without an Internet connection. You can get the apps on Google Play [Docs] [Sheets] and in the App Store [Docs] [Sheets]. If you don’t have time now, over the next few days you’ll be prompted to download the apps when you go to edit or create a document or spreadsheet in your Drive app. You will still be able to use the Drive app to view and organize all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more.

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