Ed Tech Talk Roundtable 44 | Yosemite SAMR

ChrisJamie and Michael discuss the articles of the week and share their edtech tips.

Articles of the Week


  1. http://www.ted.com With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started. (Hint: it takes two.)
  2. I pay attention to Clayton Christensen Institute. This piece neatly defines and clarifies the spectrum of full brick-and-mortar to full online education.
  3. SAMR has been an incredibly useful framework for conversations around, and implementation of, educational technology in schools and districts. I mean, goodness, just look at a Google image search on the term. But there’s something about it, or rather, the way it is often promoted, that has always given me that feeling like a piece of food is stuck in the back of my teeth.
  4. In 1995 Apple made some promises to educators about the future of technology. Here’s what they got right.

Tech Tips


  1. David Byrne is an impressive curator of content, and this article supports students doing crunchy research as they master argumentation and critical thinking.
  2. Great youtube channel that has videos that explain a surprising things that you are wondering about like what is the difference between Great Britain, England and the United Kingdom.
  3. WP geeks will love this actually useful list of great WP plugins that you can use.




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