Tech Talk Roundtable 25 | This Is Your Brain on Tech…Ubooly

ChrisJamie and Michael discuss the articles of the week and share their tech tips

Articles of the Week


Tech Tips


  1. English Pronouncing Dictionary with Instant Sound Free Online
    When your entry appears in pink, mouse over to hear it pronounced. Create lists of up to 15 entries like this: cat;cart;cut;caught etc. There are currently 166350 entries in the dictionary.
  2. The Learning Toy that Listens | Ubooly
    Ubooly is a magical stuffed animal that talks and listens. Ubooly can be customized to know your child’s name, teach lessons, and much more.
  3. Screen Chomp is a great app if you want to explain something quickly using a mini whiteboard on your iPad. The app allows you to record your video, preview it and then it automatically uploads the video to and you can send the link on to anyone else via email or post it on your website.
  4. This App Uses Your Inbox to Make a Scarily Detailed Map of Your Life | Wired Design
    It’s clear at this point that the NSA is basically a bunch of hoarders, stockpiling our personal data with the same “well what if I need this three months from now!” mentality that compels the rest of us to save old buttons and kitchen gadgets and unread copies of The New Yorker. But amassing the data is only half of the equation. The government also needs tools for processing and analyzing its collection. Perhaps the subscriber metadata that Verizon has been passing to the NSA — not the actual contents of your phone calls but the times, durations, and locations surrounding them — is fairly innocuous on a case by case basis. But when you look at it through software dedicated to the job, you can get something far more polished than you might expect. To see for yourself, just run your inbox through a little web app called Immersion.




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