Tech Talk Roundtable 04 | We Want Wifi not French Fries

imagesChris, Gaylon and Michael discuss the articles of the week, enjoy an interview with Dan Jost of  and share their tips of the week.

Articles of the week

Interview of the week

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.52.35 PMDan Jost of

We started with a vision for a better textbook: one that was interactive and engaging, one that took advantage of the opportunities afforded by new media like iPad. But we aren’t just reinventing publishing, or reinventing the book. We’re reinventing the way people learn.

Tech tips

High School:   “We give you a blank page (a wall).You put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful!”  Tired of the time it takes to maintain bulletin boards? Wondering how to take the great utility of bulletin boards and take it digital? This site is the answer. EASY. FAST. FUN. The students can keep it current, if you choose to let them.

Middle School:   Think of TitanPad as a virtual whiteboard where everybody in the class can add notes at the same time and see, in real time, what everybody else is contributing.  Work super well for brainstorming and lasts a long time for later reference.

Elementary School: Sorry no tip this week.  Jamie could not make it. ;-(



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