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Michael Boll talks with Katie and Jenny of

From their website:

STUDYBLUE_logoStudyBlue was founded in 2009 in Madison, WI, by a group of UW-Madison graduates. The goal was to create a way for ambitious students to achieve academic success through the use of technology. Our “5-dot-0 release” in September 2010 marks the moment we became laser-focused on making the best online and mobile study tools for students. Since that important date our growth has been tremendous.Our online and mobile study tools provide a Digital Backpack for students to store, study, share and ultimately master course material – working alone or together. We believe that innovating new ways for students to collaborate is important to making learning easier and more efficient. To ensure that every student has the opportunity to get better at school, StudyBlue allows every student to make flashcards and study for free.

Today’s students are digital natives who demand access whenever and wherever they are, which means
to be successful, StudyBlue must be a seamless experience across all platforms and mobile devices. We
believe that the more convenient we make it for students to study, the more we’ll be able to help them get

Over one million students from around the world have already chosen to achieve their goals by using



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